A Prayer For The Dying

Today I sounded the deathknell for my dear lappy. I have just purchased a sleeker, faster model which leaves lappy in the dust, choking back tears.

We’ve been together for three years now, and in that time we have had our fair share of good times and bad. What drove me to finally accept defeat was the fact that now the screen sometimes flickers and blacks out when I move the machine. I can risk many things with lappy, and often have, but possible screen death is not one of them.

My original lappy cost me $3600 dollars. My new lappy-in-waiting costs less than half, and is pretty darn nifty. (I hear it levitates, and can fire laser beams).

My new lappy will arrive in the next ten days. That gives me enough time to prepare old lappy for what will follow. I shall break the news tonight, over dinner.

It’s not as if old lappy is going to be decommissioned totally – just relegated to a pure office machine, where non-critical services will be transferred to the new kid, until at some point all that will be left to do is turn out the light and let old lappy have it’s well-earned rest.


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