Temperature Check: -20 degrees at 7am this morning.

Operation tidy was halted last night when I realised that I also had some writing to do.

In the end, after a painful four hours, I got something out of me. It wasn’t a lot, but that was because I kept having to hive off my ideas and put them to one side so I could finish a specific task. In the end, I only got halfway. Hopefully tonight will provide resolution.

This morning I awoke to find that there had been a peculiar turn of events with my water supply. Fearing that the cold water pipes had frozen, I took the liberty of keeping one tap on all night, with the thought that the continual teasing flow of water would partially unblock the pipe. I was right in this, because I awoke to the gentle trickle of the tap as the ice-cold water poured out. I was however surprised at the next turn of events.

No hot water. Those pipes had frozen.

Right now I’m at work, unwashed and unshaved, wondering if the hot water tap I left on will be running by the time I get home. I’m also wondering if this is the sign of things to come.

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