and lemons

Okay, so I hollowed out my slightly bigger orange, and turned it into a mask, which I then placed over the other orange.

(feels quite happy about it)

There was a large thud just now, as a ton of snow just fell past the window, in a mini avalance made circumspect by the lack of actual mountain.

Before I forget, last night was my first night of teaching English to a bunch of seven to nine year-olds. To say I had a blast would –

The kamen orange has now sparked the interest of another teacher. It is only a matter of time before he contributes to – yup, he’s got a craft knife out and its now working on the mask (odds on favourite will be that he makes eyeholes).

– be an understatement.

Another ton of snow has fallen, almost hitting a teacher’s car. Quite a close call.

After us all staring in wonder through the window, a few of the more sensible teachers are going downstairs to move their cars away from the building.

I keep forgetting how much I like children. I constantly maintain that I don’t like them, but whenever I am near them a well of happy energy opens up in me.

The orange modifications are now done. Not only are there holes for eyes, but the jagged mouth I drew is now open and snarly. A true work of art.

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