Today is one of those typical days where I don’t actually do much work. As a result I can feel my brain melting away.

Thanks to an awkward nights sleep, I’m not even of the correct mindset to study, which is probably going to bite me in a couple of days. All I have been doing is sending out emails and working on a bit of code for a site I’m putting together. After that and I’m lending one of my fellow teachers some Azumanga manga and the first season of Jubei-chan.

That will be the totality of my day.

This evening is flower arranging and followed by what will hopefully be a deep and relaxing sleep.

Going down

I feel totally miserable right now. My throat has swollen up, and my joints are getting stiff. Despite taking vast quantities of vitamins and booze, I feel as if I am falling prey to the flu that is going round.

In a few minutes I’m going to curl up in my bed with the heater up full, and I’ll see what tomorrow may bring.

and lemons

Okay, so I hollowed out my slightly bigger orange, and turned it into a mask, which I then placed over the other orange.

(feels quite happy about it)

There was a large thud just now, as a ton of snow just fell past the window, in a mini avalance made circumspect by the lack of actual mountain.

Before I forget, last night was my first night of teaching English to a bunch of seven to nine year-olds. To say I had a blast would –

The kamen orange has now sparked the interest of another teacher. It is only a matter of time before he contributes to – yup, he’s got a craft knife out and its now working on the mask (odds on favourite will be that he makes eyeholes).

– be an understatement.

Another ton of snow has fallen, almost hitting a teacher’s car. Quite a close call.

After us all staring in wonder through the window, a few of the more sensible teachers are going downstairs to move their cars away from the building.

I keep forgetting how much I like children. I constantly maintain that I don’t like them, but whenever I am near them a well of happy energy opens up in me.

The orange modifications are now done. Not only are there holes for eyes, but the jagged mouth I drew is now open and snarly. A true work of art.

Vital Amine C

Today seems to be the day when myself and a fellow teacher have found drawing faces on oranges to be a thing of joy.

Right now she is adding arms and legs to it, thanks to some carefully folded paper and a lot of sellotape.

Damn, its cute.


As many people in the UK know, a long awaited dream for many SF fans is finally happening. I speak of course about the forthcoming series/resurrection of Doctor Who, which is due to air on the BBC later this year.

Doctor Who is one of the mainstays of British Science Fiction. The tv show detailed the adventures of an eccentric Time Lord who traveled in a wonky ship (called T.A.R.D.I.S. – Time And Relative Dimensions In Space), which – thanks to a malfunctioning camoflague chip – resembled a Police Box from the 1960’s. (This of course, didn’t hamper the inside, as it was larger than it looked – there were several moments in the show when the bad guys wandered into the TARDIS only to dissappear for good, lost forever more in the its myraid corridors and rooms).

Doctor Who ran from 1963 to 1989, and while the special effects were sometimes less than stellar, it more than made up for it with a high level of creative imagination and a willingness to have storylines take hours to tell (A single story could take over thirteen solid hours of television time to unravel). Indeed, the episodes were more like chapters of a large pulp SF novel, with the Doctor and his assistants about to get killed in the closing seconds, only to manage an escape in the opening minutes of the next episode. It was nail-biting stuff.

Sometimes the Doctor didn’t survive an encounter with the bad guys. Several times he found himself killed by his foes. When that happened there would be a mixture of calamity and excitement in the air.

We would be getting a new Doctor.

The Doctor, despite his human looks, was actually an alien from another planet. When killed, rather than just give up the ghost, he was, as a Time Lord, able to regenerate into another version of himself. This was great for everybody, as it would allow the show to continue if the principal actor wished to leave it, and it put the fans on tenderhooks as they knew that the Doctor they loved could bite the bullet at any time.

With each transformation the Doctor’s personality would also change. While all of them maintained an air of the outsider, each incarnation took on various ticks and traits that made them different from the each other. One would be sour, the other would be jovial, while another would be arrogant or thoughtful.

My favourite Doctor was the fourth incarnation. Played by Tom Baker, he brought a dark, mischeivous quality to the role. Quoting from another site (

“The Doctor’s fourth incarnation was one of his most eccentric, and ironically also one of his longest-lived. Taking the lifestyle of the wanderer to bohemian extremes, this Doctor’s shrugs at near death and wisecracks to power-crazed madmen were clearly heartfelt. Fond of sweets and ginger beer, but not of saying good-bye, he had an alien character lying only slightly below an air of general bonhomie: he was approachable, but never fully comprehensible.

The Fourth Doctor found ways of turning certain doom into a pleasant tea-time, and of treating the most dangerous villain as a naughty schoolboy. And in doing so, he showed us the absurdity in all our battles of good versus evil.”

For this character, some of the affectations Tom took on are the stuff of legend. He was never without his long scarf (see these links for some cool pics – –, and he always had a ready bag of jellybabies on hand, which he offered to friend and foe alike.

Temperature Check: -20 degrees at 7am this morning.

Operation tidy was halted last night when I realised that I also had some writing to do.

In the end, after a painful four hours, I got something out of me. It wasn’t a lot, but that was because I kept having to hive off my ideas and put them to one side so I could finish a specific task. In the end, I only got halfway. Hopefully tonight will provide resolution.

This morning I awoke to find that there had been a peculiar turn of events with my water supply. Fearing that the cold water pipes had frozen, I took the liberty of keeping one tap on all night, with the thought that the continual teasing flow of water would partially unblock the pipe. I was right in this, because I awoke to the gentle trickle of the tap as the ice-cold water poured out. I was however surprised at the next turn of events.

No hot water. Those pipes had frozen.

Right now I’m at work, unwashed and unshaved, wondering if the hot water tap I left on will be running by the time I get home. I’m also wondering if this is the sign of things to come.

My goatee has migrated into full beard status. Methinks a culling of hair is in order.

I’ve wanted to post for the last couple of days, but laptop care took precedence. The current reportage is that the system is now working better, but it still likes to touch me in the bathing suit area when I least expect it.

I think this level of hanky-panky is currently survivable, but I’m growing concerned that it is the tip of the evil ice-berg; in a month or so I expect to find that it has been secretly taking pictures of me as I sleep, and posting them to it’s own private web-journal. I also think it wants to go out to hostess bars, smoke cigars, and participate in lewd acts of wanton naughty.

It’s going to the dark side.

What dirty, dirty little machine.

A Search Roundup

Well, even though I’ve not been doing a lot of posting lately, the stats for the site are showing quite a large number of visitors.

Looking through the search strings that bring them to this site I find the following:

christmas card design
carthage must be destroyed
pigeons in flight
megatokyo doujinshi
chocolate covered roaches
i ain’t got no panties on

This just goes to show that once you mention chocolate covered roaches on your site, or cite the time the panty song was sung on an airplane, the search engines will love you for it.

Bday Boy

I’ve been back from the conference for almost half a week, but I’ve been rather unwell, hence my lack of posts. I’ll change that over this weekend, but until then I have one special announcement to make regarding a brother of mine:

Happy Birthday Gordon.